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 For the resolution of any disputes or issues related to this website or the activities developed therein, relevant Gibraltarian legislation will be applicable. All legal disputes concerned with this website are to be resolved under Gibraltarian Law and only Gibraltarian courts will have jurisdiction in the case of contention or doubt.


Offers: Terms & Conditions

We occasionally make offers on this website that we believe may be of interest to our customers. We endeavor to make the terms and conditions of these offers clear on an individual basis. All offers are made with the understanding that those who may be interested in taking them up are:

Over the age of 18 years.

Are not self-excluded or otherwise unable to participate.

Have the legal right to take up such offers in Gibraltar.

That the client accepts and accepts any terms and conditions laid down for the particular offer.

If you are in any doubt as to the nature of any particular promotional or other offer, we advise you to contact us to explain. Please refer to the contact mail address given in the relevant section of these terms and conditions of the website. The exact written terms and conditions of any offer are always available on request in the business premises during operating hours.



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