What is safer gambling?

The following guide has been collated to introduce the concept of safer gambling and to highlight not just the importance of this but also how you can access further information should you need too.

Here at Admiral Casino Gibraltar we want to make sure everyone is staying safe whilst gambling. Not only creating awareness around the subject but also to remove any barriers potentially associated with this, ensuring  help and guidance is easily accessible when required.

Gambling is designed to be a fun and enjoyable experience however this is not always the case. When gambling begins to control other life factors and becomes more of a necessity this can signal an issue.

Sense checking

When gambling is seen as an easy way to make money, you are spending over and above your means, you are hiding the extent of your gambling or using gambling as a distraction from everyday problems this can be a sign that help and further support is required.

Not all signals resonate as every person is different, however being aware of the common behavioural traits may help to identify a potential issue and encourage you to seek support early.

Tips for Safer Gambling

Gambling should not be viewed as a way to make money – Gambling should be budgeted as an expense and viewed as entertainment not a way to make money. Remember there is never a guarantee of winning.

Set yourself a budget – Only gamble what you can afford to loose. It can be easy to loose sight of this and get caught up in the moment.

Set a time limit in advance – its easy to loose track of time when gambling. Set a time limit or alarm, when the time is up do something else you enjoy.

Never chase losses – Chasing loses will usually lead onto bigger losses. When you have spent your budgeted amount it’s time to stop.

Never gamble when upset or depressed – Be aware of how you’re feeling in order to make better decisions. Gambling can often lead to an escalation with these feelings and should not be viewed as an escape.

Self exclusion – This option is available to all, allowing an individual to exclude themselves from the venue for a minimum of 6 months.

Monitor your alcohol intake – Alcohol and other substances can often make it easy to loose track of time and make it harder to stick to your budget. Tell a friend or even Casino team member your budget to help monitor this.

Here at Admiral Casino Gibraltar we are committed to ensuring a safe gambling environment for all. If you have concerns regarding the issues raised in this leaflet please do not hesitate to speak with a member of the Casino management team in confidence, who are here to help.

Available support

HELPLINE: 0808 8020 135

The Helpline provides confidential advice, information and emotional support throughout Great Britain to anyone experiencing problems with gambling. Speak to an Adviser from 8am to midnight, seven days a week.

Gamblers Anonymous (GA)

HELPLINE: 08700 50 88 80 24

Gamblers Anonymous:

GA Scotland:


GA Gamblers Anonymous International:

National DebtLine
HELPLINE: +44 208 208 4000

Free debt help and management:

National Debtline:

PayPlan is one of the UK’s largest providers of free debt advice. As well as offering general debt advice, PayPlan also offers comprehensive guidance on a wide range of practical, long-term debt solutions.  More information is available at

Gordon Moody Association

HELPLINE: For all application inquiries call 01384 241292
Gordon Moody Association is a registered charity with over 40 years experience in providing residential support and treatment for people who are severely addicted to gambling.

We have two treatment centres, one in the West Midlands and the other on the Kent/London border. Our specialist approach and experience since 1971 has allowed us to develop treatment interventions that are purely gambling focused, while also addressing the extremes of the associated behaviours often experienced by problem gamblers.